This thesis project is a three part video series that explores how communication can be affected by technology and how this, in turn, affects us, as well as a deeper glance at the different levels of communication. This includes mass communication: which is communication filtered through mediated means to a large audience, dyadic communication: the immediate idea of communication occurring between only two people, and small group communication: limited to only three to four people speaking to each other. Although each video can be viewed on its own in no particular order, they work together to form a whole that ties the more informational aspects of communication with more human situations. 
"Everyday, millions of people communicate using social media...Yet, what kind of effects does this instant communication have on the people who use it?"
Murder? Misheard Her
“Through the rise of technology this interaction has grown more efficient and is considered a modern marvel. However, how might the mediation of this method affect the perceived messages?”
The Five Stages of ‘Sent’
“In particular, conversing within a small group can have its own set of rules...That in and of itself is quite intricate, but how might it be affected by the use of technology?”

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